Chapter 2

Chapter 2...

"i'm Lilly," i said quietly. you see i am usaly a very loud person, but i seemed to go quiet and happy around this Finn boy...                            He smiled and sat down on the damp grass. Finn had golden blonde hair, watery blue eyes, pale, shining skin and was quite tall, about 14 in age. Finn looked at my mobile and pink, painted nails,                                                                                                               "city girl?" he asked with a laugh,                                                                 "yup, though i am not a tart so don't worry!" i said, i could have kicked myself afterwards for how stupid that sounded. 

"Lilly, tea honey!"  called mum up the stairs. i jumped off my bed and skipped down the stairs, i had spent the whole afternoon with Finn, and he was really cool! As i sat down at the table mum placed in front of me a steaming hot plate of chicken corma, my favourite! this was looking to be alrite for a family holiday!

The morning sun streamed through the misty window, it was looking like a nice day to spend down at the lake with Finn! i jumped out of bed and pulled on my new blue t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and my grey hoodie. i then tip-toed downstairs and grabbed a piece of toast before running out the door and into the woods. once i reached the familiar clearing i instantly saw Finn, lying down on a patch of sand near the lake, sunbathing. I walked over quietly and lay down next to him. he opened his eyes and grinned.             "i thought you wern't coming!" he said with a grin.                               "i'm early!" i said, pretending to be insulted. We lay there for at least an hour, just watching the clouds go by, so peaceful... 


The End

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