Stolen Irony

I came around a few minutes later, pure relief at the feeling of air bubbling down my throat even though it hurt. Around me were my friends and brothers, united once more as Lorcan's spirit faded to the Bad Place. Elendil was crouched in front of me, anxiety riddled his face. I was startled how young he looked despite that he had just killed a man and faced the biggest decision of his life. And then I realised that he mirrored me when I was his age; perhaps we were significantly different from other elves. 

"Thank you." Was all I could say as I pulled my long lost young one into my arms. 

He was bigger than when we were last sat embraced like this, he no longer fit in my lap but instead kneeled on the grass and leant towards me. His skin still felt the same and his smile, the one I had known, returned as he looked at me. 

"I really do remember you, Elvin." 

Lorcan was dead, killed by the one he had stolen from me all those centuries ago. Truly we were all better off without him and the previous tensions between the side started to melt at the seems; people were not mixing but smiles were tentatively exchanged. 

"What now, Elvin?" Princess Eddia asked me, kneeling down beside us. 

"For you? I believe your mother would like a word." I looked up, locking eyes with Queen Milani. 

My beloved followed my gaze, then looked back at me, "I suppose I owe her that much." Reluctantly she stood up and waded towards her mother. 

I watched Queen Milani hold her young one at arms length, her great age finally showing, and shaking her head when Eddia tried to speak. Then, still silent, she embraced her.

I smiled.

Everything was perfect. I had my young one back, Jibril could go back to Everfell, I got to keep Princess Eddia who regained her status and everything she had lost. Lorcan was dead and his legacy would only carry on for another decade or two. As for High King Marlow?  He watched us as we saw old brothers on the battle field for a while and then he left, ready, perhaps, for one of my descendants to need him once again. 

The End

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