Just Following Orders

Everyone stared at my young one, holding his head up high and with a strong stare. 

I must admit, I admired his bravado. He was exactly like I was at his age, the same age I was when I first fled to Eitan, ready to stand up for what was right, not what was easy. Funny how everything was so torn and twisted for centuries then in one decision everything was as it should be. Well, for the most part. We still faced our brothers. And they showed no signs of backing down. 

"What have you to say?" High King Marlow challenged the queen who was still shaking where she stood. 

"Obviously we were wrong. I see now. Always it was my fault, they were merely following orders, all of them. It is my fault." She shakily announced. 

I stood there in silence. All the things that had happened to my families, everything I had gone through, was because of the decision of one woman who was wrong and would not listen to me when I told her. I was furious. Yet relieved. We would avoid a battle because of this. 

"I never did it just because you said, your highness." Lorcan said as he stepped towards me, raising his blade as a shadow darkened his eyes. 

Elendil too stepped forwards, shielding half of my body with his own. I quickly had my arm around him and had him back out of the way. Whatever went on between me and Lorcan was about to be settled and only I would have the pleasure. 

"We fight, to the death." Lorcan bellowed, a trick that was supposed to frighten me. He did not know I used magic though. But I did. 

"You are the most vile elf I have ever met," I growled through my gritted teeth and strode forwards away from my comrades, "When I kill you everyone will benefit. You're like a dark cloud, no, a poison on this land and I despise you."

"Then you will be willing to prove this, I trust?" He snarled cunningly, I should have seen what was coming but everything had taken on a reddish glare that kept common sense away, "No weapons-"

"Fine by me." I threw my sword on the ground.

"-And no magic either."

I stumbled in my tracks in inhaled. How could he know? Lorcan chuckled. Scowling, I accepted his challenge silently; I had been training to kill for centuries, and I longed to feel my hands tightening around Lorcan's worthless throat. Everyone around me faded, it was just the two of us, enemies about to kill or be killed. When I was perhaps a meter away from Lorcan, I felt something plunge into my stomach and I doubled over as the crowd gasped in outrage. The suddenly there was an immense pressure on my throat that sunk me to the floor as I desperately tried to draw breath into my body. 

Roars bellowed around me, but I had eyes only for Lorcan who was smiling wickedly. He was a trained magician. But not nearly as much as I was. With the last whispers of air in my lungs, I muttered a spell and the pressure loosened but did not disappear like I had been expecting. This made me panic. Darkness clouded my vision as I saw a lithe shape spring past me, their sword raised towards Lorcan. 


The End

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