The Alliance

"You thought," High King Marlow started, "That for one moment Elvin was alone? Never. He had me. He had Jibril. He had Princess Eddia. And the Alliance. Those of the Alliance, come forth."

From the surrounding trees poured elves on horseback, heavily armed and with daring looks upon their faces; they were ready. 

"This," the High King's voice rung out again, "Is what is known as the Alliance. They are elves who, like Elvin, saw the benefits of helping the humans and thought it was right. These few stuck to their beliefs when they were persecuted. I have nothing but deep respect for them. Especially seeing as their numbers have increased since my last intelligence after Elvin escaped the East Forest. It seems, Milani, your methods were not so well liked after all for the Alliance has tripled."

I found myself staring at the members of the Alliance. A few remained of the original group of us but predominantly there were new members. Most were young, I had in fact trained a fair number of them as young ones and some were families. I marveled at how they had prospered with such little threat upon their lives. I could not help but count. With their added weight, it brought our numbers up one to three, an easier number to digest. We had a chance. Excitement bubbles in my chest only to be crushed once more as I saw my young one opposing me. Or was he?

I looked closer. He had taken several steps towards me, he had lowered his sword and he was shaking just as he had done when he was younger. The urge to protect him had dulled slightly but I was still compelled to shield him. I took a step towards him. 

"I do not understand." Elendil eyed me sideways and shifted uncomfortably then he turned to face me fully, "I remember you. I remember loving you." He whispered, "Then you were gone. And there was pain, and darkness and then Lorcan..." He trailed off regretfully. 

"Believe me, my young one, I never wanted to leave you; the only reason I ever did was so you would not be killed. All I ever wanted was to be reunited with you. If I had any idea you were hurting so badly I would have returned immediately."

"He is right, son," High King Marlow said gravely, "Your place resides with Elvin, your old one. They lied to you, going against the elf way."

He stood, torn once more between his friends and his real family. 

"I believe you." He came to stand beside me. Utter elation swept through me and I beamed; united with my young one once more after all these years and he loved me. He knew I was right. Then the threw his blade on the grass between us, "But I will not fight you."

The End

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