Elendil stood between the two sides now, his head moving fractionally towards one set of allies then another. I looked at my face, the way it formed and saw the similarity. He sheathed his sword. 

"I remember him." His voice was hard, the emotion long since trained out of him. Slowly, he turned to face Lorcan, "Explain." He demanded. 

"Very well," Lorcan gave in, "He, your old on you see before you, was exiled. He abandoned you to live with Princess Eddia, tearing her away from the throne with him. He was incredibly selfish. I loved you as my own, I cared for you. He is nothing to you for he did not raise you; I did. Who was it who sat with you while you cried? Watched over you while you were sick? Who trained you to be the person you are now?"

I stood there speechless. Firstly, I felt exactly the same, if Lorcan did indeed feel all he said which I doubted. And secondly, it was Lorcan that made Elendil like that? He who had made him cold and unfeeling? It should not have surprised me, but for all those centuries I had hoped Elendil was dead, that way he would be out of Lorcan's hands. I could not have got it more wrong. 

"You are right, Lorcan, my loyalties lie with you." With that he stepped backwards to rejoin his army. 

In confusion, my eyes followed him but I knew that he, like me, would not be swayed once he had decided something. So I too retreated to my lines. 

"What pretty lies, Lorcan." High King Marlow stepped forwards; it was his time. 

All the elves gasped when they saw him, quickly falling to their knees if they were not too shocked. 

"Sire-" Lorcan gasped.

"You see fit to tear and young one from their father? And then lie to that young one? You are a vile excuse of an elf! As are all of you! I am deeply ashamed my children would act as you are, turning against brothers. When will this madness stop? Millani, come forth, I wish to speak to you!" He bellowed. 

The ranks parted swiftly, revealing an obviously ashamed queen who had aged even more so than she should have in three centuries. Shuffling and sniffing, she came to stand before the high king and looked at his feet, afraid of looking further. 

"I suggest you tell the truth, cousin." He murmured. 

She nodded slightly then turned to Elendil, "Elvin is your father. He loves you. You owe Lorcan nothing. He only took you in because he knew he could use you when this time approached, you were merely his tool. We come to fight now to kill him and him alone, we want revenge."

"What did he do?" Elendil went to step backwards away from the queen but realised he would be closer to the people who had known his life was a lie and yet did nothing to intervene so he came towards me. 

"Took you away from us in the first place." She turned hastily back to the high king and fell at his feet, "I was wrong! Utterly and unforgivably wrong. I should never have declared the elves as pacifists, and I should especially never have sent guards after Elvin when he left with his family. Forgive me, cousin?"

"How can I? You caused unimaginable pain to Elvin and Elendil I should imagine. He is not the same elf that was left at the East Forest. You changed him to suit your needs and that is unforgivable." He growled in disgust. 

The End

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