Three Centuries Later

We must now skip forward three centuries in our tale, for the repetition is too much for me to remember; the boredom and torture of waiting and always having to be ready could have easily driven any of us to madness. I learnt magic swiftly; exploring the meanings myself more than having instruction because they were not skilled enough to teach me. Vast parts of my day were spent in meditation. The sharp wounds caused by my loss of Elendil only ever lost their edge; I never healed, I only learnt how to function around the wound. 

Several hundred captains came and went; we built friendships and then they were lost. It was fun watching the development of human beings and their settlements. Even their weaponry advanced until their blades were so thin and strong that they seemed to evaporate into the air. Their dress changed too, adapting brighter colours and more angled designs. 

It was a day unremarkable from the others. I was exploring the theories of making plants grow with the High King musing by an opposite tree trunk and my companions discussing the complete lack of development. It got dark earlier than it should that night; something I should have noticed but did not. I was gazing up at the sky, resting into that chill tranquil feeling that precedes sleep and trailing the patterns of the stars with my eyes. Suddenly I saw it. What I had been looking for the last three centuries. The dagger in the sky. 

Shouting incoherently, I  shot upwards, overbalancing and falling from the branch. I caught myself before I could be hurt and spun round to face the array of confused eyes now trained upon me. 

"Tomorrow." I panted, "They will come last light." 

They were frozen. Could it possibly be true that our end was drawing so close and had appeared so suddenly? I thought not, for the centuries passed in idleness and it seemed a thing of the very distant future. But the time was right and the time was now. 

"Where?" High King Marlow growled, he like the rest of us had not wanted it to come to a fight. 

"Due south, between the peaks of the hills." My eyes drifted automatically in that direction, my mind bringing up the image the stars had placed in the skies for me alone. 

"We have much to do then. Come, children, rest for tomorrow. I will alert the captain with the sun."

Reluctantly, I returned to my branch with Eddia and closed my eyes. It was not long before the nightmares, banished for a century, returned. 

The End

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