I leapt from the branches, landing nimbly before the High King with Eddia beside me, not a hair out of place. I was ready. 

They taught me magic, not all of it for even the High King in all his eons on the earth had learnt it all, just the principals I must first master. I wish I could write the language down here, it is so beautiful but that is why it cannot be limited into the form of this human language. It is like taking the very essence, the very soul, of the object you wish to command and cradling it in your hand until it trusts you and then releasing it all in the space of a second or so. I have never felt anything like it. Like water, to lift it you take everything it means to be water in its purest form and utter that word and instantly it knows you, you are the water

Once the High King had finished the days teaching, he leant backwards and nodded his approval at me, to which I smiled. Despite everything, I began to remember a little of what it meant to be happy. Princess Eddia sat patiently with me that evening as I tried out all the spells I knew and warning me when I was about to get it wrong and completely spoil the object and myself. 

A twig snapped.

Jibril, Princess Eddia and myself swiftly stood up, weapons drawn and eyes wide and staring towards the disturbance. 

"It is Narbrae." High King Marlow said plainly. 

The other two relaxed their positions, I did not. I was on edge, tired and still not totally trusting in the High King, though to say so would be treason.

But it was indeed the captain ladened with food and two of his men who I recognised one as Hunter. 

"Hunter!" I exclaimed, embracing him. His brown eyes shine as he smiled in relief at my safety. 

"You just disappeared, we tried everything we could to find you again, but you had gone." He murmured in disbelief. I reaslied that like with Princess Eddia, I had affected a small part of him when I had left. Did I really love that differently from other elves? 

"I am sorry. It did no good anyhow. I was wrong." I faced the trees, desperate to hide the tears that burnt at my eyes. 

"We will get him back, one day, Elvin. Even you know it." He looked at me, daring me to contradict him. 

"I do." I sighed. But I had to take some comfort in the knowledge, even though I did not know when it would be. 

The End

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