New Home

"What happens now?" Princess Eddia folded her arms and stared out of the window. 

"We go to where I am living, in the forest close by, and we train and we wait. For how long, I cannot say for I do not know. But when the time is upon us, I will know and we will go forth and do what needs to be done."

"What of the humans?" I asked.

"Captain Narbrae keeps an eye on me, checks if I need anything every so often. But, I think, for your sakes I will not have to integrate myself with them, as will you. They need to know how to fight an elf." He frowned when I opened my mouth to protest, "Just in case. Plus we can learn a great deal from them; there is much to their fighting style unknown to the elves, we must use this."

I could not look at Jibril after this, it was human tactics that I had used to brutally best him and I hated myself for it. 

"What do we need?"

"Nothing, it is already there as it has been for some weeks since I did not know exactly when you would be arriving."

"Then let us go." Princess Eddia was anxious to leave the dingy room, the prospect of Lorcan finding us here hovered over us all. 

We took the horses and left in the dawn, scattering the dew like tiny diamonds against the sunlight. We did not go far, just far enough into the forest to not be seen my people out for idle walks. High King marlow had not constructed anything, he had simply adapted his lifestyle to the tree. Take his sleeping quarters for example, there was a hollow under some tree roots which he had lines with leaves and had one blanket for warmth though I presumed that was just for show, I doubted the High King could feel cold. 

A small pit had been created in the landscape, just perfect for a fire which was already set to be lit with three logs around the edge that served as seats. 

"You can sleep anywhere you would like, no one comes near here." High King Marlow said gruffly, waving his hand to the pile of sticks that smoked then turned into a wisp of flame that soon branched into a roaring fire. 

I looked at Princess Eddia who swayed to my side and I wrapped my arms around her waist so her head fell against my chest. She was what I had left to live for; I had to protect her. Knowing this, I let her go and swung myself up into the nearest tree branch with an armful of blankets and helped her up beside me before we advanced up the branches together. Once we were high enough, I stopped and secured the blankets; we would sleep away from the dangers of the ground. 

"Come down, Elvin and Eddia, we have much to learn and I do not know how much time we have."

The End

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