True Legend

High King Marlow stood against one wall, Jibril against the other with his arms folded and concentration etched in his face; Princess Eddia was sat in the widow sill against the drawn curtains.

"can anyone hear us?" The High King flicked his eyes over to Jibril.

"No, it is sealed."

"Good. Now Elvin, there will be questions, many of them but I will try to cover everything as I go along just hold your tongue."


"Well, I am neither elf nor human, in fact I did not know what I was. I believed it possible I was a god, or half, but I was different to everyone else. Of course, at this time there were only humans and some sparse creatures similar to me and you now. I created the race of the elves. You have no doubt noticed that you are unique to the other creatures that walk the earth; you are stronger, faster, more flexible.

"What you do not know, as many do not, is that we are magical. You get that because of me but it is being lost with each generation, now only a few are capable of truly mastering magic. Three to be exact." All three pairs of eyes were on me.

"Me?" I laughed, "What?"

"Aye, you, Princess Eddia and Elendil." 

My breath caught in my throat. Elendil was in much greater danger than I feared. 

"But I have never been taught." Princess Eddia spoke up.

"And Jibril here has half mastery, learnt not imbedded in who he his thus it was much harder for him to achieve this. The council did not know it, nor did the queen. I was teaching him in secret, sending whispers through the trees and on the wind. It was essential he learnt some of the basics to help us get this far. He needs words though, you two do not. You can control the flow of power with your mind, the reason few people can do this is because they are not strong enough. Elvin, you are strong enough because of all the pain you have already suffered, that is why it was essential for you to loose Elwyn and Elendil. And Princess Eddia has loved you for over six centuries, that love has strengthened her as it had you."

"But I do not understand why you tell me this now." I frowned, surprisingly not angry anymore. 

High King Marlow glared at me and I remembered my earlier vow to remain silent so pressed my lips together, "I did not know if the stars were referring to you, I had to wait to be sure."

"What did the stars say, Marlow?" Princess Eddia prompted.

"Oh, of course. The stars tell a tale, legend in your history for many a century. Tell me, Elvin, can you think of the legend I mean? The one that refers to the one who will free the lands of selfishness?"

The End

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