The Tale with Dawn

I woke up in the darkness, listening to my own breathing and the hushed voices around me. By my reckoning, it could not be much past the early hours of the morning. As I looked closer, the sky through the pale curtains told me it was an hour or so before dawn. I was in the bed, shifted into the middle and my weapons had been removed. I felt strangely vulnerable. 

"Yes I am sure." High King Marlow said. 

"Why now? I do not understand how you could let this go on for so long? If it truly is happening, then things should have started a lot sooner." Jibril murmured. 

"I only wish I could have spoken up sooner. But I had to let history run its course, I had to be certain they meant him."

"But why take Elwyn?"

I froze. 

"It was necessary. He has to feel this pain."

I flew upright, more angry than I had ever been before. That man, that portrayed saint in my homeland had stood by and let Elwyn be murdered; it was his fault she was gone and his fault I would have to live with the consequences. 

"You fool! You foul mouthed, vile, murderous villain!" I screamed loudly, "You killed her! She is dead because of you!" I bellowed.

"Hush, Elvin!" Jibril begged.

"You ruined everything!" I launched at the high king but before I could go any closer something held me back, like an invisible barrier and the air tightened around my wrists, pulling my arms backwards. 

"What is this? Coward-!" I tried to shout but the air around me held still, not carrying the waves. Soon my head swam with the lack of oxygen and only then did the air resume its normal current. I ached, all over inside and out and my eyes were streaming with angry tears. 

"Hush, Elvin, no one must hear us!" High King Marlow implored me and I felt the cold stabbing in my mind; I did not scream this time but stuck to the pain as I knew it was real, pain made sense. As it withdrew, I felt a deep sense of calm and relaxed my posture.

"Alright, Jibril. Let him go."

The bonds on my arms disappeared and I staggered backwards onto the bed where I sat panting. 

"Let me explain, do not interrupt." High King Marlow raised an eyebrow in warning then continued, "I am only sorry you had to experience this first hand before someone could first explain but there was no time; things are different now."

The sun peeked over the horizon, throwing the tiniest amount of light into the room. I, like the room, was about to be enlightened. 

The End

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