High King Marlow

"High King Marlow!" Jibril exclaimed. 

I could not believe it. 

"Marlow!" Princess Eddia could keep her posture serene no longer. This was her long lost relation; all our ancestors. . She broke ranks and flung her arms around the man missing form her life for millennia. 

"Eddia! My young one!" He took her into his powerful arms, arms of which I have never seen an elf in possession of. 

But he was not an elf. He was the one who created elves, so to speak. High King Marlow was born millennia ago, before even the first trees of the East Forest were seedlings and was what humans would call a spirit gifted with incredible speed and strength. Our legends say he went with a several mortal women and thus the race of Elves was born. To put in perspective how ancient High King Marlow was, I was a mere three centuries old; he was at least six millennia. 

"Rise, Elvin Human-Friend and Jibril of Peace." There it was again, my strange nickname. 

"High King, what are you doing here?" Jibril asked in awe. 

"Following you. Bloody good job too by the looks of it. You have just made enemies with that innkeeper, if Lorcan or any of those other swines find him he will be only too happy to give you way now. Fools. Has history taught you nothing?" He ranted, not caring for their answer. 

"But sir," I protested. 

"Ah, Theron Elvin I understand your frustration."

"Please, I cannot carry that title any longer."

"And why not?" He raised one eyebrow at me, "You still wear your tunics proudly, you still act like an elf, you still fight for what is right, despite what my delusional kin says. Keep the title, brother."

I blushed deeply. Understanding, he continued.

"So you attacked Jibril, you cannot be blamed." He smiled kindly upon me before he resumed stalking nothing in particular.

"High King," Princess Eddia asked, "Why did you never tell us you were still alive?"

"There were signs, my darling, if you had paid attention to the ways of old. The trees still sing of my existence, the waters still trill with my presence. But you have been busy." He turned once more to me, "And thank you for training Eddia when her mother would not allow it, I had hoped you would."

"Why us, sir? Why come to us now?" Jibril spoke up.

"Because now is the right time." He smiled slyly and apologetically. 

I knew my ordeal was not over. 

The End

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