Captain Narbrae

To our finely tuned ears came the sounds of footsteps and my comrades launched into protective stances around me with their weapons drawn. I did not care. I only wished to feel the cold steel of their blades against my heart. 

"Wait, peace," Even in my semi-consciousness I knew that voice; it was Captain Narbrae, captain of the Eitan warriors, "We are elf-friends. We know Elvin."

Slowly, one by one, they emerged cautiously from the trees, so as not to startle us. The tension was rolling visibly off my comrades as their eyes shifted between me and the enemies. As tempted as I was to say I did not know them so I would be attacked, I could not let that befall on them; for all the human's brutality and the skill of an elf, they were surprisingly evenly matched. So I kept quite, not that I had control of my voice at the time. 

"What business do three elves have here?" The captain eyed me on the ground. 

"We were exiled from our own land, we knew Elvin had friends here. We seek refuge." Jibril sheathed his blade. 

"Well it is welcome to all who will relinquish their weapons to me as we enter Eitan for the safety of our people."

"We expected nothing less."

"And, erm," I felt eyes on me again, "What of him?"

"He had to leave behind his young one." Princess Eddia said quietly.

"Elendil?" The captain gasped, echoed by his men. I felt Jibril nod.

"Hunter, Thomas." The captain motioned towards me. 

Their large hands grasped my forearms and hauled me to my feet where I hung there limply, unable to even comprehend the now impossible task of walking. Seeing me so completely unlike myself, Jibril strode over. 

"Here, let me." They relinquished me to my elf friend and it was all I could do to keep my eyes focused on him.

"Hold on now, brother." He whispered in my ear as he lifted me on top of my horse again. Ignoring his own horse, he got up behind me and slipped a supporting arm around my chest so I would not fall off.

And that was it. They took me away from the clearing, away from Elwyn, away from everything I had known.  

The End

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