As Jibril smuggled us out of the palace through an open window, I realised that it was dark and bitterly cold, strange for that time of year in the East forest but I could not linger on these thoughts. Soon I gained enough energy to run by myself, my brother leading the way ahead of me. Barely able to keep my eyes on the thin blue silhouette in front of me, I charged forwards not knowing where he was taking me. Trees appeared either side of us and we ran deeper into the forest. I saw no guards, heard no sounds of pursuit or cries of outrage. 

Suddenly, Jibril halted and placed his hand on my forearm. 

"You have no choice." I could feel his blue eyes holding mine; pained and desperate for me to understand. I, on the other hand, had no idea what he was on about. 

As he side stepped, my eyes adjusted to the gloom and the shadows of three horses sprouted and another figure stepped forwards. It was Princess Eddia.

I looked between them, "I do not understand."

"We are running, Elvin." Princess Eddia looked at me apologetically. 

"Very well. Elendil?" I froze at their faces, "My son? Where is he?" 

"We have to leave him, brother. Lorcan has him so heavily guarded it would be suicide to try and rescue him."

"What? You expect me to go without Elendil?" I almost laughed. This was absurd. I would rather die than leave him through choice.

"We do not like it either."

"So you mean to abandon him to the will of Lorcan? Have you any idea what he will do to him? We have to get him!" I implored. 

"Later, when you are no longer in danger of death."

"My son is in more danger than I ever was!" I was frantic. How could they even conceive the idea of me parted from Elendil as ever being possible? 

Then we heard it. Shouting and yelling from the edge of the forest; it would only be a matter of minutes before they found us and executed all of us. Princess Eddia locked her muscles, and faced me in desperation.

"Please, I cannot go back! I do not belong there either! Elvin, they will kill us if they find us!"

"She is right, we have to go now or get killed." Jibril fixed his hard gaze upon me. I turned my head from side to side, there had to be another way. 

"I have to go!" Princess Eddia gasped and flung herself on the nearest horse ladened with saddle bags. Her eyes too found mine; I knew, as much as she loved me, if it  meant saving her own life she would go. 

I could see the lights they had created by magic, designed to find us and only us. It was now a matter of seconds. Princess Eddia turned her horse.

"Please!" She begged.

The tears were already there as I too launched onto a horse, Jibril copying me. I felt sick, sick past the stomach. I was leaving behind all I had in the world, except for Eddia. But Elendil had survived so much with me. He was the last piece of Elwyn I had left and I would always love her. 

Together, we ran. 

The End

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