With Little Air

I do not like remembering my period in prison, it brings back all the horrid memories, the sights, the smells and the unbearable pain. 

I was forced to my knees, my hands bound in metal chains above my head so my back curved downwards. My ankles were chained to the floor. That was the position I was placed in, just able to see the cell door from the corner of my eye. Then there was the darkness. Suffocating, blinding and every other bad word I can think of as there was no light. Or air. It felt like I was being drowned, only being allowed one small breath every fifteen seconds. My tunic was removed, torn over my shackles and taken from me. 

I lost count of the hours I spent calling out for someone. No one came to comfort me, to feed me or even give me a drink which I was so desperate for I cannot tell you. No one brought word of Elendil or Princess Eddia. No one looked upon me again. 

It must have been no more than a day before I heard those glorious footsteps and felt the glorious heat from that shining candle but it felt like eons. Wobbling as the bearer ran, I watched it, craning my neck around but my arm stretched in the way. Some words were said and the metal door exploded. 

"Jibril!" I groaned in desperation. 

"Hold on, brother. I will get you out."

He spoke more words and my limbs were freed, my arms falling to the floor much to the protestations of my shoulders. 

"Come we must hurry!" Jibril hoisted me onto one shoulder and ran back up the stairs away from my cell. 

"Why?" I gasped, "Take me back, you must not do this!" I begged. How could I possibly live with myself if I implicated the one firm friend I had since childhood? 

"The time was coming up anyway, you are just a catalyst, Elvin."

The End

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