Elendil was taken back into Princess Eddia's arms. The queen interlocked her fingers together and frowned at me. 

"Elvin, you are here by sentenced to death."

That was it. That was all it took to shatter my world. Half of the divided congregation gasped, the other cheered. Even Lorcan seemed startled by the queen's decision. There had not been a sentenced execution in the East Forest for centuries. 

Instantly, Elendil started screaming and the elves cowered at his pain.

"Eddia!" The queen gritted her teeth.

"No! Listen to him, mother! You are making a mistake!" The princess rasped, doubled over as she was. 

"Gah! Lorcan!" The queen cried in desperation. Lorcan immediately wrestled my young one from the grasp of Princess Eddia and disappeared. 

"Get him to the gaol!" 

Usually gentle hands grabbed me and strengthened their grip to cause me great pain. 

"What? No, stop it!" Princess Eddia cried and went to step forwards but a guard grasped her wrist, keeping her away from me. Elendil was somewhere in the palace but I could neither see nor hear him; so desperate was I to have him in my arms I tried to twist from the grip of my captors. Thrashing and flailing, I was dragged out of the hall and through more dimly lit passages. 

The End

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