The Plight of Elendil

Princess Eddia placed my young one on her mother's lap and retreated back to the shadows. I longed to run to her, to comfort her, to tell her it will be alright. But I was stuck, my legs frozen in readiness to save Elendil from the clutches of the queen. 

"Now, young one, you cannot lie to me because I rule even above you," She spoke calmly to my son, "Now tell me, what did you feel when you saw Elvin attack Jibril?" 

Elendil squirmed uncomfortably and shot me such a pained expression I choked out a sob.

"Scared." He admitted.

"Why is that, my son?"

"Because he might start hitting me."

"What lies have you planted in his mouth?" I yelled, "He knows I would never harm him, I have never even shouted at him!" Tears streamed down my face as I tried to make them understand but I knew they never would. 

"Are you scared of Elvin?" 

"Yes." His angelic face his in his chest as he looked down. 

"What?" I could hardly believe this. My rib cage felt like it had been smashed in, shards of bone piercing everything it could. More than anything, I pitied Elendil; he was being forced to say this. I do not know how they had done it, but they had. They had serious vendettas against me, and I was about to work out just how deep they went. 

The End

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