Lorcan, leading once again, placed his large hands on the two doors and swung them outwards. Immediately I was wrestled to the floor and everyone in the hall gasped as more elves dived in to assist them.

"Sorry, forgive us, your highness, he has been this uncooperative the whole way." Lorcan boomed in the abruptly silent hall.

"What?" I choked at the weight of the elves on my chest, "I did nothing to that tale!" I protested. Lorcan was lying, he was trying to get me exiled, "By Earskin's boots!" 

"Silence, Elvin, you do not help yourself." Queen Millani rose from her seat the other side of the stage I had been brought onto and strode towards me, "Let him go." She commanded. 

All pressure on various points on my body ceased quickly and I stared where I fell for a few minutes, the silence oppressive. The stared heated my skin until I stirred and kneeled up before the queen. 

"Today you attacked a fellow elf, a brother, a friend," She began, "People saw you so you cannot deny it. You are not a safe addition to our family. We are lucky you stopped when you did. We cannot let this continue, I hope you see our position."

"Aye, very much so, your highness. You cannot hate me as much as I hate myself. I have spent many moons with the humans and their way, I adapted to their fighting tactics and ways. I wish I could take back what I did to Jibril. Seeing what I did to him," I shook my head, "Makes me just as sick as it does you."

Right on cue, Jibril burst through the same door I had been forced through, his arm no longer in a sling and a wild look in his eyes. 

"Stop this! This is stupid! Elvin made a mistake, he's only been back a few days! Of course he still acts like a human because he has briefly forgotten how to be an elf, which will come back!" He implored, "I was not hurt much!"

"More so than any elf by another for centuries." Lorcan spat.

"You are prejudice, Theron Lorcan, see sense for one moment! I am not angry with Elvin!"

Lorcan turned to the queen, "He is the biased one, Elvin has been his friend since birth. Your highness, you know what needs to be done."

"Please, mother," Princess Eddia spoke up where she stood hidden in the shadows with Elendil in her arms, "Please. He means no harm."

Her eyes were fixed to her mother anxiously. The queen continued to pace, eventually returning to her chair and staring down at me where I lay crumpled on the floor. 

"Bring me the child."

I gasped. 

The End

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