With My Head Held Low

Even after Jibril left, I stayed on my rock for several hours. Darkness swept the land and with it came the blissful sensation of sleep. As dawn's sweet rays stroked the water, I heaved my sodden body from the river and began the swaying journey home. 

Elves to the left and right of me stared, their slanted eyes cautioning me, waiting for me to start attacking them; I could feel it in their muscles. Almost subconsciously their hands would flex around the hilts of their weapons. I was the enemy; I was no longer trusted in the land of my kin. It was all I could do to stop myself from turning back and returning to my sodden solace or else sprinting to my room. Keeping my head low, I continued on at a normal pace. As much as I wanted to pretend I still had a home in the East Forest, I could not. 

I trotted up to the palace gates, only to find Lorcan, as always, waiting for me, his arms folded and a sneer across his face. 

"Theron Lorcan." I inclined my head, snapping my teeth together. 

"Theron Elvin. Queen Millani requests you to see her in the grand hall immediately."

My blood shivered in my veins. The grand hall? That was used only for trials. Olivin the Great was elixed there, so was Hipito and Gregiana sentenced to death. I swallowed convulsively. 

"As she wishes."

The guards took up their positions around me, openly holding their weapons in readiness now, they felt they would need it.

"Where is Elendil?" I demanded.

Lorcan laughed, "Being taken care of. He will be present in the Great Hall."

"You are charging my son?" I gasped in complete shock.

"No, he is being used as evidence against you." 

I stumbled, my breath catching in my throat and stomach heaving. They could not do this. It went against everything the elves stood for. A young one was supposed to be sacred, sheltered from the evils of the real world. 

As I was walked through the corridors the candles became less frequent until I was being guided by the sounds of the chamber full of people. 


The End

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