I woke up the next morning with Elendil curled against my side, his face in smooth perfection as he dreamed. Golden sunlight shimmered through the thin linnen curtains and I was reluctant to disturb the beauty of the scene. Without waking my son, I slipped from between the sheets and shrugged into my favourite green leggings and tunic. With my hands, I replaced the hair that sleep had ruffled and washed my face with the clear water on the dresser. Today was going to be trying. I did not even know what to do.

Once Eldnil was awake and dressed, we left the palace and headed out into the village. No longer surrounded by guards, the elves openly approached us. They wound locks of his brown hair in their fingers, stroked his silk skin and weighted him in their arms. Some shook hands with me, others nodded and a few embraced me as a brother. Few faces had changed, I remembered most of them but we had little iin common anymore; we may pretend for the sake of our etiquette that we were still comrades but I felt no ties to these people.

I had little view of where I was going, merely letting my feet tread achingly familiar paths. Elendil ran along happily, in his element, touching the flowers that grew in abundance with a glorious smile upon his face. Instantly I felt the deepest sense of regret for tearing him from his homeland; Lorcan was right, I was selfish to have taken hi, from his kin.

"Elvin!" Someone called, Jibril, "Come back to do some fighting again?" He jogged over to us, sword in his hand. I had managd to wander into the training grounds.

Elves all around were staring at us, wondering what I would chose.

"Aye, Jibril. But I have no sword."

"No bother, friend, take mine."

I grasped the hilt of his silver sword, the weight familiar from my younger days training with Jibril. A young female novice took my son's hand and led him away to teh edge of the grounds where everyone else had moved to, wanting to watch the reunition fight of Jibril and I. Our traditional fighting stance took a while to come back to me, I was used to fighting with the brutal style of humans not the graceful art with elves.

Our eyes met; earth and sky.

The End

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