I saw through her pain. Like I was with Elwyn, I loved Princess Eddia. Elves had to love someone, our emotional capacities were so vast that to be without love was impossible.

So, knowing her way, I sat in silence and waited for her to speak.

"Why did you leave?" She spluttered out and bit her lip, like she was trying to hold another stream back.

"I wanted to fight. I wanted to feel the edge of my sword slice through man flesh, to smell blood and sweat and death together. I wanted to stand up for the people we were forbidden to."

I could not describe the physical pain to leave the humans to their fate and have nothing to with them. Human company is nothing life elf company; we were merely contented with being friends with everybody and lying in a field for hours on end. You had to work to gain the trust of humans, a trait I revered and longed for. It was alright to trust kin, but to trust a stranger as a brother was like nothing in either of our worlds. 

"I think I understand where you are coming from."

"You cannot unless you feel the same way." I warned.

"But I do. I too long to right the wrongs my family is responsible for." Her eyebrows pulled down, her eyes misting up.

"No one blames you."

"How can they not?" She gasped, "My mother only listens to me, not any of her advisors or the lords; me alone! I could have stopped her, but I wanted everyone here safe, I wanted you here safe. Like you would have done anything to keep Elwyn safe."

At her pain, Elendil crawled into her lap and hugged her. The princess sobbed a laugh.

"Gosh he really is beautiful, you are lucky Elvin."

"I know."

We stared at the surface of the lake, now perfectly reflecting the exquisite silver stars.

"I am sorry, for leaving you, but I did not feel what I feel for you now."

"Again, I understand."

"I only hope I did not cause you too much pain."

"No, I was alright." She lied and we both knew it. I had seen through her eyes the days, weeks, months spent crying at the walls or staring over the land she would rule without ever actually seeing its beauty. In my absence she had been crippled. 

The End

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