"Let him go." Millani ordered. 

I was released as was my son who ran to me. Pressing him into my arms, I stood, shaking off the pain. I had been summoned here for a reason, now I had to ride it out. 

"You know what it is that brought you here. Why did you leave The East Forest?" The queen returned to her throne, Princess Eddia settled herself on the steps underneath her mother, silently watching the proceedings. 

"I had to fight," My voice was strained, the metallic taste of blood confusing my senses, "I could not sit here in idleness as humans died for what was right and I did nothing to prevent those deaths."

"Why were you not happy with the choices I had made?"

I had to be careful, calculating, she could take away all I held dear to me in seconds, "I just happen to be of a different opinion of you when it comes to pacifism."

"Why?" She pursed her lips.

"I am not a selfish elf, I wish to protect those that I can, if I can." I squirmed, this was not going the way I wanted it.

"Which implies you believe I am selfish?" Her arched eyebrows raised. 

"No, that is not what I entailed," I paused to gather my thoughts, "In my heart I knew I would never forgive myself if I did not help."

"My queen, he is now insisting you have no heart either." Lorcan leered. 

"By the moon, no! You are twisting my words!" I was getting increasingly agitated and I knew I was sounding like a child. 

We argued heatedly for thirty seconds before Princess Eddia stood up, "Mother, I believe he is merely saying the truth. Our people are entitled to their own opinion are they not? And, if my understanding is just, Elvin left of his own free will, also allowed."

"We needed a young one!" Now I, as everyone else could, she had been devastated by the blow of losing the first young one since her own daughter.

"Mother, Elvin and his beloved did more good on the outside than they ever could in here; our role is to be protectors of the land, and all the people in it. Elvin did us a great favour, we have now not lost so much confidence from humans." 

The queen closed her eyes and we waited in tense silence for her to make her mind up.

"You are right, my daughter." She sighed, "Elvin, tell me your tales."

I recounted battle after battle, praises and criticisms, speeches and stories and questions and ballads. 

"So, why did you leave?" It was Princess Eddia that asked.

So I told them of Elwyn's fall and the need to get Elendil back to safety. 

"For him, if nothing else." I said.

The End

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