"What will you do now?" Jibril asked me. I sighed deeply, shifting the bed underneath us. 

"Stay here? Go back? Move to another land? Who knows?" I leant backwards, facing the billowing canopy above me, "I have no ties anywhere."

"You know that is wrong, Elvin."

I sighed again, "I do. But what of Elendil? He cannot stay in exile with me." 

"Elvin." Elendil commanded decisively. 

"Nor can I leave him." His silken skin brushed my neck as he crawled onto my lap and laid down on my chest. 

A long time elapsed.

"I joined with Everfell a decade ago." Jibril announced.

"Really?" my body lurched upwards. Everfell was beautiful enough to turn even the most loyal of elves' legs to jelly. Aesthetically, they suited each other perfectly but I doubted she knew of Jibril's rebel associations. 


"Well moons of happiness!" I beamed. My stomach clenched, Elwyn. 

"Seriously though, what will you do? I cannot endure it if you were to leave again without consulting me." His piercing blue eyes found mine and showed me all the pain he had suffered at my hands. 

"Jibril," I murmured, "I am so sorry. By the oaken roots of Mercilla, I swear I never meant to hurt you." He nodded, "And I think for a time I must stay here, my heart has not yet made up its mind where it shall take me next."

"And of the alliance?" Our eyes flickered to the door, less someone should be eavesdropping. The alliance was our closest kept secret, it was a group of people like me and Jibril who longed to break free of our elfin traits of pacifism and make the world right once more. We elves had once been a proud, warrior race, standing up for the oppressed and chained; we threw those ties off with Queen Millani, who hated violence and since then it just stuck, rooted in our blood. Our race's saddest day. 

"It shall live on. Even if it is only in one person, it must always live on." 

"Till the end." Elendil spoke the most I had ever heard him say. My eyes glistened at him. He had to be safe, my perfect, doomed son.  

The End

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