The room was precisely how we had left it all those years ago, as if it had not been touched. Glistening in silver silk, the corner of the pillow case was still bent backwards and the oak hairbrush slightly hanging off the dresser. I gazed under the window sill where the crib was placed, ready for the child that would never be born in their world. Of course it was needed now, but to see it reminded me of sad times. 

"Do you like it?" Came a voice from behind me.

Turning, I saw the vivid blonde hair and light blue eyes of my closets friend whom had trained with me since we were old enough to wield swords.

"Jibril!" I exclaimed as I embraced him. 

"You look thinner." He noted as we broke apart.

"As do you." His face seemed shallower, more drained of the youthful radiance he should rightly still posses. 

"Your beloved?" His eyes swept the room. 

"She fell," My heart stabbed like flaming thorns, "But this is Elendil." Bending down to hide my face, I pulled my child against my hip. 

Elendil's charm was at once apparent for Jibril's eyes widened in delight and a smile crossed his face.

"For sure I thought it just a tale! May I hold him?"

I obliged, not fearing Jibril like I did Lorcan. 

"What has happened since me, erm, leave?" 

"We were all grieved by your choice, Elvin, very grieved. A young one was exactly what we needed."

"I did not force Elwyn to join me. I only ever wanted her safety, Jibril." I growled.

"I know, I know," He held up one pale hand, "You forget you are a brother to me."

"Never that." I shook my head slightly; I had never forgotten Jibril's kindness to me.

"Well as I said we were all very grieved. Our lords drew more protection around the forest, so much so that should you have wanted to return, you would not have been able to. The elves soon divided when they realised they had a choice; stay in disillusion or fight for what is right like to you and Elwyn."

"But why? I went because of my own will, the few I talked to about my opinions shunned my idea and told me to stop because I walked a dangerous path."

Jibril shifted uncomfortably, "There was no doubt that it was dangerous, we are safe here. When you told me I had to shun it, Elvin, I could not lose you when everything else was going to fall to pieces in the forest!" He implored me.

"Jibril, peace, peace. I understand."

We elapsed into silence then.

"You could have come with me." I whispered.

"I wish I had."

The End

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