The East Forest

Cradling my son in my arms, I drove our horse forward again as Elendil slept on. I was glad he could sleep for I could not, he was at peace for a time; that was all I could ask for considering our circumstances. My eyes cast one last glance over Eitan, just a small cluster of houses with a slightly larger building that was the palace before I left quickly. It did no good to linger.

Fields flew past with the hills, shades of green and yellow blurring into one with nothing but the gentle thud of hooves on the soft earth. As we neared The East Forest, our blood started tingling, like our bodies knew we were home and we became restless. The beast beneath us sensed our sudden excitement and sped up.

Suddenly the empty plains evaporated into thick forest and we slowed down instantly; I had not crossed this border in twenty years, physically I had not changed but we elves worked through the mind and sensed presences we had already known. Guards were everywhere, watching us even then and it mad eme uneasy. For some, I had become a traitor to our race.

The trees whistled, concealing whispered my mind told me, but that could have been my human-imprinted suspicions.

"Elvin?" Someone called, closer than I had thought, only a metre away at the most.

"Lorcan." I inhaled deeply. Lorcan and I had old vendettas. He had physically tried to stop Elwyn leaving The East Forest, thus we did not get on well.

"So you have returned with the young one," Someone withdrew from the shadows, "But where is Elwyn?"

He was a short, bad tempered elf who no one seemed to like for that exact reason. His blonde hair was scraped back into a pony tail, his clothes a very dark green against the forest backdrop.

"She fell in battle." I ground my teeth together, feeling Elendil tense in my arms and I squeezed his hand so he knew I would not let anything happen to him.

Over done shock crossed his face, "My how unfortunate! Shame, such a waste. If only you had stayed here like I suggested." He walked up to our horse, "Maybe then you would have returned together."

I slipped from the saddle, pushing Elendil to the other side of the horse before towering over the little elf.

"You think I have not considered it," I drew my sword against his throat, "That I have not begged for it?" Three more elves rushed form the wood, their bows drawn and aimed at my chest.

I sheathed it, glaring sharply at all four of them.

"Perhaps we should not let you pass, you bring the human traits into our realms." Lorcan smirked slightly, knowing he was pushing me to my limits.

"Forgive me, Theron Lorcan," I used his formal name, "It has been less than two moons, I still grieve for what I have lost."

"Understandable, Theron Elvin."

"I carry that title no longer. May we pass, my son must rest."

"Aye, Theron Elvin."

I pressed my eyes shut, it seemed he was intent on harassing me; I knew he would make me pain for my mistake more than if I was left alone with it.

The End

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