Sleep Safe, my Son

I rode that horse faster than he had ever gone before, everything associated with Eitan repulsed me, made me shun humanity. My kin had been right about the human world, we elves just were not meant to dwell with them, no matter how much I longed to spill the blood of my foes it was not worth the life of the only one I could ever love. Elendil was quiet as we raced through the fields he had played in as a young one which slowly gave way to sloping hills.

It was on one of these hills, sheltered by a dip in the landscape, that I stopped the horse and laid out our saddle bags. While I bent the thin shrubbery into a shelter and gathered wood for a fire, Elendil strode off to collect food for us. Our young are the most skilled in survival skills such as hunting, tracking and hiding for it was part of our instinct from where we were hunted in the past; young ones were often left alone while all old ones went to fight so they had to learn how to survive.

In his quiet manor, my son munched on his roasted mushroom while staring intently at me.

"Elwyn." He spoke, his pink lips parting for the beautifully clear words. Despite his age in human years, he was not advanced in skills such as language and motor skills; he could run, but faster than a human though for nowhere near the same amount of time. In our culture, young ones did not call their parents by the human titles but our real or chosen names.

"Elwyn is gone, my son, it is just us. We must get to The East Forest."


"I am fine, my son. But I shall miss her."

Still unable to stabalise his emotions, his adorable face creased and he crawled into my lap where I embraced him against my chest. In the whole of the world, both human and elvin, he was all I had. Like this was how we slept, under one thin blanket that kept out the chill in the air.

"Sleep safe, my son." I murmured and buried my head against his sweet-smelling skin.

Hopefully by nightfall the next day we would have reached the borders of The East Forest.

The End

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