Hunter half carried me through the palace I was housed in, leading me away from the room I had shared with Elwyn and our son and towards his own lodgings. I allowed myeself to be thrown onto the red bed, clutching its velvet texture like it were actually meaningful to me; in truth I felt nothing but emptiness. Adrenalin pulsed through both of us, I could see Hunter shaking form his perch by the window as he tried to slow his heart down.

"Elwyn!" I moaned constantly.

"Hush, man, seek peace!" Hunter shook me, our chain mail shuddering with the contact. I shoved back.

"Elwyn!" I screamed, demanding like some child. My friend's face glimmered with sympathy and then it was gone.

"Dead." He muttered. I fell back to where the floor greeted me and sobbed with no dignity. There was no dignity in the world I had been thrust into. With all he could humanly do done, Hunter left me to my hell and rejoined the fight.

I had no intention of joining him; I knew exactly what I had to do. Once my legs were stable enough to hold myself up, I staggered back through the maze of corridors, thankfully my subconsciousness knowing which direction I had to go in, until I burst through my door. Elwyn was everywhere, in the bed, on the door handle, hanging out of the window laughing at the birds. Elendil was sat with his watcher, a woman who took care of him while we were at war. But I had attention only for him; my beautiful son who had inherited his mothers looks and my skills, a true elf.

"We have to leave, we are needed in The East Wood." I rushed to the woman who began shoving things in a bag which she handed to me, saying something about however many days change of clothes.

My son's smooth hand found mine before I cradled him against my chest. Elf children are rare, treasured creatures, that is why Elwyn was so frowned upon for taking him away from his kin where his beauty would be understood. In human yeras he must have looked two or three years, but in my world he was already twenty. His dark hair fell over his dark eyes, the innocence of his young face shadowed by knowledge. He wore a simple silver tunic with criss-crossing tassels by his neck and breeched that stopped below the knee with  his feet bare.

"I shall make you safe again, my son." I vowed to him, running down the stairs. I was garbed similarly to my son, having discarded my heavy armour for the sake of swiftness.

I found a chestnut horse in the stables and quickly had him saddled ready for a hard ride through the surrounding planes. Elendil's warm flesh beat in my arms as we stared up at the palace that had been with us for twenty five human years and felt the flood of realisation burn into our skin. This would always be our home. But we could never go back.

Our hearts heavy, we sat upon the horse and fled the people who had loved us when or own kin had turned against us. Really and truly, we were now alone.

The End

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