The Shadow in Her Eyes

I had found her deep eyes, eyes that had woken me up to watch the sunset with her, caught on fire when she saw her child, our child, laughing. Those were what I watched. Quickly but in such slow motion I questioned my perception of what was happening, her face changed.

Her eyes shot upwards, her shoulders flung the rest of her body backwards and a look of incapacitating fear claimed her once gorgeous eyes.

The arrow pierced her heart.

It was as if someone had clamped hands around my stomach and throat. Around me the battle raged obliviously; why could they not see what was happening? We were losing our beloved saviour. Without her we had nothing! Without her I was nothing.

Deserted by her cowering guards, the horse was allowed to rear up, kicking his white legs over the battle like a god commanding obedience. Clad in her green dress, perfectly showing off her flawless waist, she fell from the horse, the flag left to fall into the blood-stained mud. With a deranged gasp, I leapt over the mounds of dead bodies, my comerades fighting off my foes, to get to Elwyn.

I dropped to my knees beside her, cupping her porcelain cheek in my rough hand. Instantly I knew she was dead, there was nothing inside her anymore. There was a shadow in her eyes that had taken the place of the spark that had always been hers; now it was gone. My Elwyn had fallen and fallen hard. No matter how many men I had saved, how many arrows I had taken for them, I deserved nothing compared to my fallen lover.

I if someone had scooped the flesh from my skin as if I had become hollow and all I had cherished like love and empathy had gone. It was just me and pain, the intollerable pain.

Despite that I was known for my love of bloodshed, my captain knew I could not continue fighting and that I had to leave immediately should I be injured or cause it to happen to someone else. Hunter, my right hand man, caught my arm and hoisted me onto the closest horse; her horse. Her warmth still seeped into the saddle. I wanted to get far away from the beast but everything was so numb I couldn't even remember how to work out where my legs were.

The End

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