My World's Last Hero of War

Astride our famed white horse, she sat boldly and upright; proud in her place of honour. Her face was a piece of pure perfection, oval, pale and always frozen in a kind expression even when she faced our greatest foes. Trailing out behind her was her brown hair that shone copper in the light and matched her deep brown eyes like nothing else I had ever seen. In the heat of battle, her cheeks were flushed a bright crimson. Flying above her head was the beacon of hope we all clung to; our green flag with the dark deer. Our home colours. Whatever happened, we would find our way back to that flag, to her, and be welcomed as lovers. 

She hung back from the main fighting, but she was trained more so that even I was as captain. Elwyn. I inhaled at her beauty, it stunned me every time. Elf-friend, that is what her name means, like mine does too, I am Elvin. In my silence I have loved Elwyn since she was first posted with those I fight with. I fight for my land Eitan, a place inhabited by humans as longing for blood as I am. They were my friends, they fought along side me and we were brothers in all but history for I was not from their land. Elwyn and I come form The East Forest, the elves' secret refuge from the rest of the world; or at least it was supposed to be, nowayears it became more like chains that we desperately wanted to throw off. I had gone first, broken through our protective enchantments for I went freely. Elwyn followed me soon after.

The sun fell on her, framing her beautiful face, caressing her ears when I couldn't. My heart pounded as my eyes took in her face even though they had done so thousands of times and I had to resist the craving to run to her and shield her from the battle.

But even I, Elvin, sworn Elf-friend to humans, brutally gifted in both swordsmanship and archery, could not protect her forever.

The End

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