My World or My DelusionMature

A strange tale of belief, mystery and love.

My name is Kevin Ian Rundle I'am turning 16 in 2 months.  I also have a strong belief I don't belong here in this place, or as I like to call it dimention. I have never felt right living here, never. I also don't ever think I could live in the world beyond school, just doesn't seem right.  I guess maybe I should say why and what not, and my beliefs but i'm sure you're going to think I'm crazy. Perhaps I'am.

It all started a long time back not really remembering my child hood, just anger and agression and the few time I had beaten some kid unconciouse, but also a girl but I couldn't tell you the name of the girl, because I can't remember it, or what she looks like, I just know she was there and left me a harmonica before she disapeared and everyone I know can't remember her. After  a little while she died away in my head but then these so realistic dreams come by of another world, and once agian I remember her but nothing that she has done in this world. For months I think about her wondering who she is and where did she go, or did she ever actually exist. Then I remeber the harmonica that I had lost when I was moving, it was the only last bit of proof she had existed at all.

After a day of hanging out with a friend I begin mentioning her , and the harmonica at first I thought he bore no connection until he described the harmonica to me, and a few things I didn't remember about the girl. Had I know him before she left and then was forced to forget him because she never existed? Not a week later with another friend  we get into an in depth conversation about the meaning of life and parrel dimentions and whatnot. I also end up telling him my strange tale and my connection to my other friend and of course about the harmonica. In his room he produces a beaten and scraped version of the harmonica, and even though it is crushed it play perfectly, and looks identical to the one I had once had. He also shows me that he had got it from his grandfather who had served in world war 2 and he was given his military jacket, back pack , and rifles, but whenever he asks it about his mom she says he never existed. So where did the harmonica, and jacket come from?

The End

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