My Will, My Life

Dear, Ur, Book.

Everyone keeps telling me that I should have a journal- why? I mean, how will writing things down help me? The adults always tell me years later when I've written a journal of my life (If I do), that my kids and grandchildren and the old version of me can read it. But that really doesn't do anything either. Why would you want everyone getting into your business anyway? I don't even know why I'm writing this... Actually, I do.

It's because I'm bored.

Lately, okay, for a long time, I've always been bored. And boredom, really is my personal hell. I can't stand it. I need to do something. Some adventure... It's not really possible when you live at one of your parents houses half time and the other half time. And on top of that, your taking online school. I'm so sick of this! I just want to live with my mom full time and go to school! Public school! I never so people anymore... It's like my dad just doesn't get the point. My point. He never does. And he probably never will... And now my brother's that way too. I want to be happy, but I can't do that over at my dad's house. It's always so croweded, so busy. And I can't stand some of the people there... (aka, My stepmom and stepsister.)

Will anything ever go my way?

I feel like I never have control of anything.

-The Dudette.
(I don't want anyone to find this and the identity of me.)

The End

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