Chapter 2 - I'm a... what? and your a... who?Mature

Chapter 2 – I’m a... what? And you’re a.... who? 

There was one thing I like about English at school. Everything was theory and none of it was practical. We had been learning about Dante’s Inferno but the problem was that I was no longer learning about it, I was no living through it. It felt as if the flames consumed me for years, flickering and licking upon what felt like blistering sores but as the fire settled down upon my charcoaled flesh it crept towards my heart, and burned as if it had never burned before. I would have liked to say that the pain that I felt was nothing that I didn’t feel it at all after I had passed out but that would mean I would be lying and I Charlotte lee Morgenstern was anything but a liar. As the fire died upon my heart, I felt my eyes slowly open as if I had not used them for centuries, to see a white room. 

“Am I... dead?” I thought out loud. It had been really painful. Maybe the fire had killed me. It was a possibility wasn’t it? 

“No Carlee, you’re very much still alive.” My mother replied gently. I turned my head to find that my mother and father were sitting next to my bed. My mother held my hand as my father held her other hand. 

“Then where are we?” I asked, because this defiantly was not my bedroom back in the outskirts of New York. 

“We’re in the infirmary at the Academy.” My father explained, though he left me with another question. 

“What Academy?” I asked. I never would have thought that my mother would want to send me off to some Academy in some place that only god would know where.

“St. Sadowsky’s Academy for young vampires,” My father replied as if that explained everything. I stared at him opened mouthed as if he had just grown a third eyeball upon his forehead. Did he just say vampire? 

“Yes, I did say vampire, Charlotte lee Morgenstern. And don’t tell me that it’s impossible. Or so help me...” The man that claimed to be my father rose out of his seat, but from a single hand – that could only belong to my mother - on his chest he sat back down and took a deep breath. 

“Honey, I know that it’s a lot to take in especially after the transformation you just went through but it is quite possible. Believe me; it was just as hard for me when your father told me about vampires.” My mother said, giving me a reassuring that what they were saying was absolutely true. She was right though, it was a lot to take in. 

“Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and believe you guys but I have two more questions.” I stated, I had to know two things so that I could understand what situation I was and how bad it was. So I was going to ask the more difficult question first.


“I get that I was transformed into a vampire but I want to know why?”I asked, ready for them to go into what horrific details there may be. 

“You were transformed because you are my daughter, Carlee. The doctors said that you were human, as your mother is. They told me that on your sixteenth birthday before the strike of midnight, if I was to visit you the transformation would take its place but if I had not visited you, you would have been a Halfling. Not fully human, and not fully vampire. I waited many years for this night Carlee, many years to be reunited with your mother. I hated the fact that I was a vampire during those years because I missed you grow up. But I hope you can forgive me for that.” He whispered, when he told me that he hated himself because he missed me growing up it broke my growing hatred towards him and I realized that I couldn’t hate this man. He was after all my father. I climbed out of the hospital’s bed and gave my father a hug. 

“Oh Carlee,” He mumbled into my hair as he hugged me back. I looked at my mother and she gave me a huge smile, obviously happy with my choice to forgive him. When he let me go I went and sat on the bed, swinging my legs in front of me. 

“What was your other question, honey?” My mother asked. I had nearly forgotten I had two questions that I wanted to ask. I had to try to remember what the question was before I finally did ask it. 

“If dad is a vampire then what are you mum?” I asked secretly hoping she wasn’t a werewolf. That would just be... weird. 

“Can’t you guess?” She asked before she let out a little laugh. Honestly, I couldn’t guess. All that I knew was that she wasn’t human, I could smell that. I just shook my head, not having a clue in the world what she could be. 

“I’m an angel.” She replied, bowing her head a little bit. My father looked speechless as if he hadn’t known that at all. 

“You never told me that,” My father’s words proved that I was correct. 

“You never asked,” My mother retorted with a smile upon her lips. I could see it now, her fair skin, too light for a human but still not light enough to be a vampire, her sky blue eyes, and her blonde hair. She looked like an angel without wings 

“Then could it be possible that I’m part angel too?” I asked, curiously. It would be pretty cool if it was possible. 

“No don’t be silly child.” My father replied without a minute’s hesitation. 

“Don’t be too hasty Benito, it is quite possible. There have been signs.” My mother replied. Oh please let it be possible, it would be like ultra cool. 

“What are you talking about Christine?” My father asked my mother, but my mother didn’t take her eyes off of me. 

“She doesn’t look like an angel but there have been signs Benito. Like the way she sings. She sings like one of them and then there’s her compassion to the human’s, as if she were trying to redeem them. It’s just little things like that Benito, but they are signs of angel traits and sometimes I forgot that she was still human, that I couldn’t reveal myself to her.” My mother sighed, whishing that I was an angel too. I knew that I wanted it to be so and maybe it might be but for now it wasn’t and I wasn’t going to let them see how I upset I was that I didn’t have any of my mother’s genes. 

“Carlee, there’s one other thing that I should tell you. But you can’t tell anyone what I’m going to tell you. I was the king, of tarpa mica, or as you’d say in English vampire country. And that would have made you the princess but because I was dethroned for what I had done with your mother and now they won’t let me be king but you, you still have the chance to be the princess. I will teach you everything you need to know about being a ruler when the time comes but for now I don’t want you to tell anyone okay?” My father asked. I nodded my head partially because I was speechless, and partially because even if I wasn’t speechless I wouldn’t have known what to say. Not only was a vampire – and possibly an angel too – but I was a princess as well! There was a knock at the door then and a nurse came in. 

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern, I’m just going to check up on Charlotte and make sure that there isn’t anything out of order.” The nurse said to my parents before she came over to me and did some check-ups. She was done in less than two minutes. 

“Everything seems to be in order. You can go over to the head office and collect your new student information pack.” She told my parents and then left the room. We followed her out of the room and my father led us to the head office. We reached the office in little time. Though I had noticed that the school looked really ancient and gothic, but had electricity and power running through most of the building, which was a major plus. 

“Ah Mr. Morgenstern and Mrs. Morgenstern... and you must be Charlotte. I’m Mrs. Markovski,” A lady said from behind the reception desk.

“I suppose you’re here to collect the new student pack.” She asked my father just simply replied with a yes before she started digging through the documents on her desk. Then pulled out a beige folder and handed it to me. There was a room key and locker key, a timetable, and a dorm number onto of a list of boy names, and a map of the academy. The dorm number was B6-20. 

“But you can’t honestly be putting her in a boy’s dorm?” My father yelled at the lady. I couldn’t believe I was being put in a boy’s dorm room. 


“I’m sorry Mr. Morgenstern but there are no other places for her in the girl’s dorms.” The lady replied, her voice wavering in fear of my father. My father turned back around to face me. I could see the anger in his eyes but I wasn’t afraid. I knew that he wouldn’t hurt me. 

“Do you want to come and stay with your mother and me during non-school hours?” He asked me, hoping that he would be able to convince me not to stay in a boy’s dorm. 

“Dad it’s alright. I will be fine.” I told him, trying to reassure him that everything would be okay. He sighed and then we started walking towards the boy’s dorm – thanks to the help of the map. We found the room easy enough; it was on the top floor and at the end of the corridor. Even from the other end of the corridor I could hear the music streaming out of the room. I could hear the song “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold coursing through the air. My father scoffed at the song and said something that sounded like ‘that figures’ under his breath. My mother look like she was on the verge of being sick as if the music itself was sickening to her, and who knew maybe it was to an angel. However I liked it and was almost bursting to sing along to the song but I wouldn’t dare sing along to it in front of my parents. When we entered the room I realized something, they weren’t listening to the son. They were playing it. However when we entered the room they stopped mid song, mouths opened, flabbergasted that a girl was in their room. 

“Hey who order for the chick in jeans?” The drummer said to the other guys. No one laughed. Instead the sing – he seemed to play the guitar too – came over to us.

“Hello I’m Jayden Reynalski. Please ignore jack over there he’s a bit of an ass.” Jayden - the singer – said. He was totally hot, his hair was black, with red underneath, and his eyes were crystal blue. 

“Hey, I’m Charlotte and these are my parents Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern. I’ve been told that I’ll be sharing this dorm with you guys.” I replied holding out my hand to him. He took my hand and shook it.  

“Honey, we are just going to go get your stuff. Will you be alright?” My mother asked. I replied with a hasty ‘yes’. One that was probably too quick. They nodded their head and left me alone with the guys.  

“Well Charlotte, since you’ll be staying with us I might as well introduce you to the rest of the guys. Our drummer is Jack which you already know. Our guitarist on the right is Lucas and our guitarist on the right is Eric. I’ll show you were you’re room is.” He told me, the guys nodded or waved one by one as he called out their names. He started walking off towards the corridor on the left side of the room, showing me towards my room. When we reached the room he opened the door and showed me inside. The left wall was all glass. It had a balcony on the other side. The room was fairly empty except for a bed and a wardrobe. I could see its potential and it was beautiful. I turned around to find that he was still here, blocking my door. 

“Can I help you?” I asked surprised that he was still in here. We walked over to me in a daze. I was a little surprised but didn’t think to move. He snaked his arm around my waist and dipped down brushing his lips against mine. My eyes closed, the kiss felt like heaven and I wanted it to go on forever but as soon as it had started it had ended by him pulling away from me. He was taller than me so as he looked down at me I had to look up so that I could look into his eyes.

“It’s you.” He said, and then as soon as he said it within one blink of the eye he was gone. Where he had gone I had no idea but I sat on my bed confused, and frustrated. I started to cry, the pressure of everything that had happened in the past twenty four hours crashing down onto of me.

The End

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