My Whole Life Changed: I'm a VAMPIRE nowMature

Charlotte wanted a lot of things for her sixteenth birthday but never in her life did she ask to become a vampire. Now she has to go to St. Dracu's Academy for vampires and learn how to become a vampire, you'd think that would be enough to change anyone's life but no not for Charlotte, she has to learn how to be a ROYAL vampire but can she do all that before christmas break? Find out in My Whole Life Changed: I'm a VAMPIRE now

Chapter 1-- Wait, I didn’t wish for this 

Today was my birthday and so far I had spent it with two of my most favourite people in the whole entire world, Brittney and Chloe my two best friends.  I walked through the door of my house, and turned around and waved goodbye to my friends as they drove off home. My mum always wanted me to be home before sunset. I tried once to break that rule by coming home at midnight, but after my mother yelling at me for five minutes and then a silence treatment for four whole days I didn’t dare try it again. I walked into the kitchen and found my mother hovering over the stove getting dinner ready. I could smell the aroma rising from the oven, she had cooked me my favourite dinner; Shepherd’s Pie. 

“How was your day out hon?” She asked me as she pulled out the cooked dinner. 

“Pretty cool, we went and saw Daybreakers.” I said, thinking back to the vampire movie that we had watched earlier that day. She spun around then, the dinner pan sitting on the bench. She had a scowl on her face and I knew exactly what was coming for me. 

“Isn’t that that new vampire movie?” She asked. When I didn’t reply she got even angrier.


“You know I don’t like you watching those type of movies Charlotte.” She scowled; I still can’t believe she gets so worked up like this over movies. 

“Oh come on mum, they are just movies.” I whined, as I always did when we got into these types of fights. She would get angry at me for watching a vampire movie or reading a vampire book but there wasn’t much that she could do to stop me from watching or reading about vampires. Besides what was the harm in it, they weren’t real in any sense. She served me a plate of food and herself a plate, we ate in silence.  By the time we had finished and mum had downed a glass of wine the door bell rang. I wasn’t expecting any company and by the look on my mother’s face neither did she but she got up and went and answered the door as I took the dishes to the sink. I washed the dirty dishes as I tried to listen in to what my mother and whoever was at the door were talking about but I couldn’t hear a thing. The dishes were a painless task, two plates, two forks and a wine glass and the task was done. After I pulled the plug from the sink and turned around I didn’t only find my mother in the kitchen with me but a man about her age that looked like a god, though which god I had no idea. 

“Charlotte, I would like you to meet Benito. He’s... He’s your father.” My mother stated, her voice slightly wavering. Now that I thought about it, my hair was the same shade of black as his, and I had the shape sharp features that were the shape of his face but no matter how much a like we look it didn’t change the fact that he had been missing for the past sixteen years. I mean couldn’t he have a least picked up the phone and gave my mum a call to see how his daughter was going. '

“I’m going up to my room.” I told my mother and marched out of the room, completely ignoring the man whom was my so called father; just as he had ignored me for the past sixteen years. 

“Don’t worry about it Benito, she’ll come around.” I heard my mother say before I marched up the stairs to my bedroom. I opened the door and slammed it shut. I collapsed onto my bed. It just wasn’t fair and then it started, slowly my fingers one by one felt as if they had pins and needles sticking through them, then as it reached my writs their speed started to increase and it was no longer pins and needles, but it felt as if I had been thrown into an inferno. I barley heard my screams of pain, and just as barely heard my mum and Benito run into the room. They shared looks with each other. 

“It’s started,” Benito said. “I’ll go and get the blood, you help her.” He instructed before he ran out of them room. My mother came over to me. 

“What’s... started...” I asked her between each spasm of pain. She looked into my eyes. 

“The transformation. I’m sorry dear, but you’re becoming a vampire.” She told me before I passed out from the overwhelming pain.

The End

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