My Weirdness

This is just the prologue for a story I'm cooking up. It still needs lots of work but I thought it would be fun to see other people reactions to it. It's about the things that make us who we are and how each of us are special and unique.
Feel free to correct my grammar and spelling and whatever else you think needs fixing...

I am a weird person.  I know it.  I guess most people do too.  Know that I’m weird that is.  Maybe you can’t tell just by looking at me.  I look like every other person you might know.  I don’t try to hide.  Not at all.  My weirdness hides itself on its own.  It’s one of the things that I feel makes me weirder in a way.

The problem is that my weirdness doesn’t stay hidden for long.  Once someone comes close enough it just pops out.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my weirdness.  I think that it’s what makes me unique and gives me my identity.  I’d be lost without it; but it tends to pop out at all the wrong places and all the wrong times.

I have found that the harder I try to control it, the weirder it gets; so I have practically given up on controlling it.  I just let it loose whenever it wants to come out and play; otherwise all hell will break loose and then we would really be in trouble.  It’s hard to describe and I don’t think I can make it justice.  It is something that seems to be harmless but at times can be really destructive.

I found something the other day.  Something about my weirdness.  Something I wasn’t supposed to know.  Something that I know will change my life completely.  I can’t tell anyone.  There are lives at risk and I don’t know who to trust.

Can I trust you?

The End

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