The Story Of April & Our Destiny.Mature

April and I have been together since the very beginning, obviously she's my identical twin, and she was my best friend up until she took her last breath. We loved playing tricks on everybody including our parents but saying we were the opposite twin, and we told each other everything. Pretty sweet relationship right?

It was, maybe being dead made her loose her soul and that's why she the way she is now. Mostly she lives on the other side of my mirror but she can ghost around and get in my head and cause severe hallucinations if she wants. When she was alive we both liked wearing bright colors, having our hair in fancy types of braids, and wearing our charm bracelets our parents got us when we turned 10, mine with angel wings, hers with an elephant, her favorite animal. Our parents got them because they thought we would start to look different with age but we didn't so they needed something to go off of. Anyways, April looks completely different in her side of her world, she's always dressed in black, her bracelet gone, she gained lots of piercings, wears heavy dark makeup, and her hair is now always down and messy. 

Despite the things she tells me, it's a good thing she died, she's no longer suffering or in pain. She doesn't see it like that and she thinks I should go to, which according to the curse will happen soon. My sister suffered from a cancerous brain tumor for two and half years before it consumed her and she lost the fight. I now have these horrible pains in my head, all because of this curse, and I don't know what I have to do to change things I will. I've learned alot about the afterlife due to some dead family members, there are such things as angels (particularly guardian angels) and they do watch over you and protect you... to a certain extend. Once a person dies, they can claim a human and be their guardian angel, but there is a twist, the claimed human will die in a similar way that the angel did. I know my guardian angel, she however decides not to show herself to me and speak with me like my sister. She is my grandmother and she died of a brain aneurism, when she found out our mom was pregnant she claimed the baby, she had yet to find out that there was two of us, because she wanted to make sure we chose good paths in life. Most angels get one person, but my grandmother is an exception since she didn't know, the curse has already taken my sister and it's coming for me. 

My grandmother feels guilty for what she has done for April and I and that's why she has distanced herself, and I've seen her feeling that pain through a "hallucination" April sent me through, she basically pulled me through the mirror and showed me around her world and what our grandmother was like. I don't think April realizes what her strength is when she does that though because when she sent me back to the land of the living I was in a hospital bed covered in cuts, from the mirror, but the doctors think it's self inflicted, naturally my parents put me on suicide watch because of this. 

Nothing in this world is what it seems, it feels like a nightmare and I wish it was but this... this is what I call reality and possibly my future home. 

The End

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