Take A Look Inside My World.Mature

Alex, a 17 year old teenage girl lives in a world different from those around her. Things haunt her, she suffers through a great deal of pain, and prophecy says she is next. She thinks otherwise though.

There are two parts to every person, the good and the bad; the physical and the emotional; the side they show and the side the do not. Sure I'm sure everybody has seen that ONE girl who swears she sees this ugly fat girl in the mirror but of course, they do not, it's a figment of the imagination.

Yeah well, my story doesn't work that way, my story is different. My name is Alex, I am a 17 year old girl and I suffer from something going on in my head that tends to cause awful migraines, daily, and "hallucinations". The doctors haven't found the answer yet, because they can't find the problem... and that's not coincidental. You see, my world, it's not like others, those two sides I was talking about earlier, they're kind of important. When I look into the mirror I do see my bad side, however its not my imagination wandering nor is it a "hallucination", it's April my dead twin sister. When she was alive we were the best of friends and exactly alike, now however she envies that I am alive and that she is not. So she stares and mimics me from the other side of the mirror, the mirror that's filled with the rest of the bad in me, including the prophecy. I'm next, but I will win this fight and break this curse. 

The End

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