My twilight stories

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                         I knew I loved Emmett Cullen there is no deniying it  but every time I hunt with him I see his brother's  face. I was in bed with emmett kissing me when there was a knock at the door. I got up but he pulled my wrist and said in his mind 'Stay that is the volturi and they can not know about your ability and about us they would never allow it' ( My ability is Telepathy) I though directly towards Emmett'Noone can ever end us I think' He thought 'You think who else is there wait I now know why you have been so close to me there IS someone else who wait.......' 'SHUT UP!!!!!!!' I thoght to him. I grabbed his big hand and brought it to my stoumach(in Twilight you can't get pregnant but I was already pregnant) 'I am pregnant Emmett but this is what happened"I went to meet Jasper and I knew I loved him but not as much as you. And he pulled me away from the house and took me up into the tree you guys had already went hunting and we well made out and I only told your dad Carlisle who promised to keep it secret. And then I started avoiding you well because you would kill Jasper if you knew then I started throwing up having side effects. And I went to the hospital I went to the nurse and she said" Carlisle's in his office dear." I said" I am the sons girlfriend and she said" Okay let me call him down or better yet lets go to his office." We went to his office and I started crying saying " I throw up alot eat then throw up I get tired alot more.""Your pregnant"said Carlisle Sitting me down. I cried more and he wiped off the tears. And I went to tell Jasper but saw him making out with a cheerleader (This was before I was dating Emmett sorry mixed it up on an Accdient) a blonde cheerleader and ran out and fell over almost dead but then Jasper saw me and stopped kissing her and I had stopped having a beating heart almost but Jasper said " We are over and....""Sorry Baby I promise to love you forever" But then he noticed me dying he yelled this was when you were out hunting Emme Carlisle flashed there and saw me and said "She's dying My heart stopped almost the last memories I and of that was him holding me still saying "I am sorry I am so sorry please do not die." Carlisle said"Give me her wrist the baby will be frozen but will be born in 19 years still half human and vampire but she will die if you don't let me turn her"I felt my wrist be rosen then I blacked out. (Sorry this is the story the emmett stuff was just for fun) I saw the gate and saw tigers around me I was watching Jasper the last things I heard was Carlisle say Jasper she's gone but he refuseed to accpet that He grabbed my wrist and bit me and grabbed my ankle and bit it he kept bitng me saying "Please don't die Felicia" I heard Jasper scream and Carlisle just said"Jasper listen to her heart." Then I was my memories (The memories) the time we played baseball when bella was scented I was attacked instead of her Rosealie when I was playing piano for her and Esme Jasper saving me from Charlie I was dead before I knew what was happening I saw the gate open and pull me in then I felt Jessus say Felicia you are not dead I stared in his eyes but this was not heaven it was          BOO!!!!! (no just kidding) Hell!! But lucifer did not hurt me he just came over and kissed me and I was scared He showed me my memories and I started having a conversation"You are going to be a monster. Sorry you are an evil thing you are going to be an ghost." I ran away and went back to heaven god took e and hugged me and said"You are my little girl. You will always be my little girl. I Love you Felicia. I created you and know Jasper will get killed without you.I know he's a vampire and I am making you a vampire too."I hugged god and he said"I love you newborn vampire." I Hugged God tighter and my last human tear ran down my cheek. and he wiped it off " Felicia take good care of Jasper. I love you my child."  I saw God fade and he waved goodbye I mouthed 'thank you' and I fell down in pain  and fire covered my whole body and I fell back into my real body. I woke up covered with a blanket and sat up. I was in the morgue and I ran to the door and yelled but the hospital was closed. But then Carlisle opened the door and hugged me I said " My thoart does not burn is that normal?" Carlisle smiled and said"I knew you would come back so I put blood in you." I walked out and Carlisle wrapped an arm around my shoulder when I got back Rosealie ran and hugged me so did Esme. I then remebered god's words.I Love You Newborn Vampire. I am a  VAMPIRE!!! I ran up stairs and saw the nursery and saw a beautiful guy standing there holding my child.  JASPER!!!! I ran in and when he saw me I felt his perfect icey lips crash against mine. I kissed him and said " Let me hold my baby." Emmett came up and Protecvly handed me the baby and I said " I love you Jasper what happened and what is this beautiful Angels name?" Jasper said" I scremed and the venom started bubbling over so Carlisle saw maggots(JK) Jasper said" The actual truth is You started shouting my name and shaking so we put blood in you your parents saw the bite marks and said " She is dead by a tiger." I shifted and ran across the bite mark on my ankle and shouted"Ouch!!!!" Emmett took the baby and said"I think you need a brake." "But what is my baby's name." "Elise Jasper said is her nickname her name is Elizabeth."  I touched my baby's head and it felt hot it sent shivers threw me and.........I....ATTACKED MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jasper and Emmett said " Damn it and grabbed me and restrained me and Rosealie grabbed my baby. "Thank you." I said. Not thinking about what would of happen if they were not there. That night Jasper told Carlisle and they set up the living room and they wer dressed like this Carlisle was wearing a black tuexdo Alice was wearing a blue dress Erine (Alice's new mate) was wearing a blue tuexdo and Esme was wearing a red dress and Edward and bella wore pink and me wore a white dress and jasper wore a black suit. I came downstairs and heard Bloody lullaby my lullaby playing(you can find it on Jasper proposed to me right then and there and I said yes Of course baby Iwill marry you everyone started clapping.Then I smelt something horrible and it was werewolfs "Yuck!!!!" I shouted then Renesmee came through and saw my eys and screame"Bloody Mary!!!!!!!!!!!" Edward started playing Lullaby locket and I came near he and she smelled vampire and everyone laughed even Bell and Edward Jasper trned a shae whiter and said proteceting me and renesmmee"Yeh thats not bloody mary its anut Felicia." "And here is your new cousin Elise." Renesmee smiled when Jasper handed her Elise. I said"I am a newborn vampire." to renesmmee and she shivered. I sat down on jaspers lap and we heard Bella's lullaby playing Renesmee looked at Elise's brown hair like mine and Her topaz eyes like mine and Jasper's.  And then the next day I ran intoo a little girl getting mauled when I was hunting I grabbed the lion and fed on it then Grabbed the little girl and headed back to Jasper he bit her and Erine's Red eye's shone and blonde hair shone as he smiled at Tammy.(I like that name) Tammy jumped but Jasper moved in front of her then it was time for our wedding. Alice and Tammy helped get me ready I was beautiful my full lace outfit or wedding dress was beautiful Tammy was hugging me. Edward started playing flightless Eagle mouth bird and I walked out Carlisle leading me. I saw jasper under the flower's and a million words crossed my mind to describe him 'beautiful, perfect, god like, . He smiled at me while I walked down the Isle and I waked into his arms. I Picked Tammy and Jasper pick our Elise up. Tammy hel me around my neck and I smiled at Jasper as he said " I do" I held Tammy tighter as I said "I do." Jasper said his vows"Felicia I have been waiting for this for an Eternity and I Promise to give you my heart. My soul my whole being. I will take care of you Tammy and Elise forever. For it was not my ear you whispered in to but it was my heart. It was not my lips you kissed but my soul. Your love is the enegry that made me exist, Felicia. Your love is like a beautiful dream. We are like a beautiful dream,together me, you ,Tammy ,and Elise. "Jasper said I Said"We were two people but we had one heart. Your love created my life from the first minute I heard my first love story I was looking for you but not knowing how blind love is. Lovers don't meet somewhere they are in each other all along. Jasper you,Tammy, and Elise made my life whole. I love you Jasper, not for what you are but for what I am with you. To love Jasper is to know what Sacfrices which eternity extracts from life. You Tammy And Elise are my whole reason for existence Jasper." And with that he kissed me.  we went to our first dance edward started playing Eyes Of Eternity. Jasper started dancing with me and whispered in my ear"Love is not about finding the right person but its about not how much you love the person in the begining but how much you love me in the end. I love you and always will love you till the end you mean the world to me, Felicia. I can not live without you. I think of you all the time. You are my everything. I know you will never leave because we are fated. They loved each other fearlessly and never were apart. And we stepped into our perfect piece of our forever with our daughters Tammy, and Elise and never were apart.

The End

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