How to get out of any situation

Just talk at the speed of sound saying wonderfull excuses, For example:

Teacher: Where is your history homework?

Me:  Well-I-got-home-and-totally-forgot-who-I-was-so-I-looked-up-my-name-but-since-I-share-a-first-name-with-an-ex-prime-minister-I-thought-was-Tony-Blair-and-started-looking-for-a-way-to-London

Teacher: What!?

You see It doesn't have to make sense at all as long as you say it fast enough.

Another way to get out of homework which works if you do it every so often is this:

Teacher: Where is your homework?

me: I hate homework

Teacher: thats no excuse

Me: well you hate doing work for not enough money, so you strike I hate doing homework so I strike.

Finnaly there is the ultimate method apart from the top two:

Me: My home work was yuierf'd

Teacher: what does that mean

Me: look it up.


The End

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