Err... You See...

Not getting into class on time

Teacher: "Why are you here so late?"

Me: "I was talking to my housemistress about something."

Teacher: "For the third time in a row?"

Me (thinking): Oh damn...

Not brought homework to class

Teacher: "Where is your homework?"

Me: "I've just left it in my boarding house sir, I'll bring it next lesson."

Teacher: "No, make it tomorrow."

Me: "Okay."

Me (thinking): Okay... need to write a 3 page essay by tomorrow... dammit.

Uniform in a state of utter disarray

Teacher: "What on earth have you done to your uniform? Why haven't you washed it?"

Me: "The washing machines in house aren't working, so I haven't been able to wash it."

Teacher: "A likely story, how do you know they aren't working?"

Me: "I broke them myself sir."

note: I had overloaded the washing machine the previous day... it got messy.

The End

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