My Computer Commited Suicide

Computer Virus

"Caitlin, you seem to have a computer virus, is it all these stupid things and aps your downloading?"

"No. Dad, honestly, I don't DOWLOAD things, I'm actually a spy but, shhhh, my computer NEEDS these things so I can do my secret spy work. It couldn't handle the pressure and commited suicide."

"Hmmmm, a likely story...."

Not doing homework when parents tell you to

"Caity, did you do your homework?"

"Yeah, did it after school."


Poured a ton of glitter on cats head, hoping it would make him look sweet.

"Why is the cat covered in glitter?!"

"It wasn't me."

"Well, that doesn't matter, wipe itoff of him!"

Hit window with arrow whilst doing archery.

"What the.... CAITLIN!!!!"


"You utterly missed and hit the window, were going to have to stop your allowence to pay for this!"

"Mum, no, my arrow bounced off the snail on the target!!!"

*later, I get my alowence taken away for 4 months....:(*

The End

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