Not My Fault!

Watching to much telly:

mum: Why are you watching the t.v again?! It's not good for you!

Me: But scientests say that telly's good for you if you don't watch kids stuff. *smiles whilst flipping the channel*

mum:yeah right!

Me: Its true! I saw it on t.v!

Smashing a nieghbours window whilst playing football:

nieghbour: What was that?... WHO DID THIS!?!

Me: Ummmm, me?

Nieghbour: How dare you?? When I'm finished with you....

Me: What! It wasn't my fault - it was an accident, I was practicing my aim for this weeks game!

Sister telling on me for doing nothing:

Mum: So you kicked ................(sisters name ), did you?

Me: No I didn't! she kicked me and because I was about to tell on her, she told on me fist!

mum: Hmmmmm....*walks away*

The End

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