My TV Grew Legs and Ran out the Door.

I made this book/collab. It's basically just a big fat story of silly and good excuses. People may need to read this and grab an excuse about not giving in their home work. So make it snapy!

No Homework

"Why haven't you brought your homework in, give me your planner!"

"Because my cat peed on it, sir."


No school book

"Why didn't you bring your Geography book in, Caitlin? Here's a sheet of paper, give me your planner."

"Because, sir, it fell out of my bag and grew legs and ran away, sir."

*teachers gives detention for cheek*


Not propor uniform.

"Why aren't you wearing your tie Caitlin?"

"Because, Miss, I was drying it on my curtain pole when the wind blew it ito my pond... This was, of course after my mum went to work..."


Taking anger out on older sister.

"Caitlin-Rose! Come down here, NOW!"

"What, mum?"

"Your sister has marks from where you hit her!"

"I don't know WHY she came to you, because she's older than me! And she MADE those marks on her arms!"


Nicking sisters makeup.


"Mae, I couldn't tell you if I knew, now if you'll excuse me, I am on Protagonize!"

*Mae grumbles*

The End

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