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The story is about a guy who has come back home after leaving his home for 21 years without looking back to start his life and make his fantasies come true. He also comes back to appreciate the history of where he grew up, acknowledging his roots and history as an important aspect of who he is. he is alone in the world, he cannot connect with the world because he has not acknowledged his history and the fact that he grew up under not so conducive environment according to him. This is also about

He stepped out of his car and took a minute to look around, reminisce and immediately got lost into the dusty streets of the place where he grew up. In a hot sunny Morning, Bongi got lost into memories of his childhood for some time before closing the door of his car. It is where he grew up and saw his introduction to the world of dreams. “Kunjani Makhi” (how are you neighbour), got a shock and realized that it was Elsie, his parents neighbour; he closed the door, smiled in excitement and walk towards Elsie and gave her a hug. “I haven’t seen you in years, you have grown so much and looking good”, Elsie said in a tone full of excitement and not knowing what to expect from him. I am happy to see you my neighbour and you still looking as young as ever. Elsie is 65 years old of age, a mother of four children and 10 grandchildren. She shared a smile and said, “it’s nice to see you too my son”.

Bongi is a handsome middle age looking man, light in complexion, about 1.8m tall, weighing about 85kg and well built. He grew up being a friendly and forever smiling child, but this time he has this serious corporate face that is not inviting anymore, unless he decides to do that. He has the signs of being a man now, well groomed and in sky-blue skinny jeans, beige short sleeve T-shirt and black converse all-star snickers. “Where are the kids”, asked Elsie? I don’t have, he responded. Elsie remembered that Bongi did not want to have kids of his own because of his upbringing that exposed him to looking after his sisters while they were still young. On his way to his parent’s house, he spend some time outside and reconnecting with the yard he grew up in and remembered that, growing up is South Africa in the 70’s and 80’s was not easy at all, being black was the worst thing for any youth growing up in that environment at the time. That era brought in a number of challenges to those who dreamed of going somewhere in life, their aspirations were motivated and moulded by their circumstances. The environment was influenced by a number of activities; the predominant activities were social, political and economics. People lived in segregation because of the government of the time; politics were shaping our thinking as the youth of that time. The environment was not different from other environments around the world; except that South Africa was just spectacular because of intense apartheid by the government of the time. South Africa is divided into number of provinces that are shaped by either urban or rural segregation. In urban or semi urban, the areas are shaped by townships, these townships consist of sections. In the past sections were dominated by certain tribes, either the Xhosa, Sotho, Zulu speaking will dominate a particular section of the township. The township he grew up in was called Tembisa Township.

The landscape

Tembisa Township was established in 1957, situated in the north of Kempton Park on the East Rand Gauteng South Africa. Tembisa means “Promise or Hope”. It is the second largest townships in Johannesburg following Soweto. This area consisted of 18 sections with houses allocated by the town council. The area was shared by all black nations. In the 80’s, there was not much development compared to now. The area had limited resources, limited informal settlements, schools and shopping malls. It is unfortunate that the history of this township was never recorded compared to other townships such as Soweto. This makes it difficult to talk about this place, about the historic events that took place in this amazing area.

The End

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