My tortured soul

This is a short poem written about dying love.

Hear me out

That's all I ask from you

Hear out my tortured soul

My heart is worn out 

In the battle field of love

And it can't bear 

The excruciating pain once more.


Your irrevocable love has binded me

with branches full of wild thorns

though the poisonous thorns

have hollowed my body

with fresh drops of blood oozing out

I feel like I've served my purpose

Because I am taking my last breath

In the arms of the prince of my darkened soul.


As I blink and take in

the last glimpse of your familiar face

It feels like  I am being cut in half

and also wishing I could still laugh

the laugh that you were so drawn to 

enough to take your own life

And die along with the girl

who always had a tortured soul.



The End

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