Chapter's 1-3

If you're looking for an actually story DO NOT CLICK HERE. this is an assignment for reader-response criticism.

    I find this text to be appealing in a entertainment sense. I find the idea of the earth slowing rather interesting. I rather liked the main character's reaction to the slow moving catastrophe. It seemed very realistic and very much how I'd react to the situation at first. Julia thinks " It was a little exciting-a sudden sparkle amid the ordinary, the shimmer of the unexpected thing". I would also think this in a situation similar to theirs, I have always had a grim sense of wanting for a catastrophe.I know that It's a horrid thing to think but it seems like the quickest way of changing and spicing up my own life. Something I didn't really believe would happen is the publicity of the entire thing. I believe wholeheartedly that the government wouldn't let information about some great world changing discovery until they had completely understood it and were able to answer the questions of the people.

      I loved how the author had Julia begin relating the changing gravity to the relationships in her everyday life. She thinks " the slowing triggered certain other changes too, less visible at first but deeper. It disrupted the tracks of friendships, even the paths toward and away from love" This struck a chord with me because I feel as if a situation can affect the way you and others think with a certain permanence that will never be reversed, and i think that a catastrophe would change so many people that it would be impossible to not notice.

The End

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