You should eatMature

I figured we all have to eat if we want to live. So if we don't want to live we shouldn't eat. 

I don't want to eat, not just because I don't want to live but for the simply reason that i don't like eating. There's nothing worse then shoving food down that I know will only contribute to the fat on my body. And food and I just don't go well together, my body tries to process it and turn it into waste. But whenever it does this it causes much pain for me. 

So I don't eat very often, I have milk in the morning a snack when I get home from school and usually half of my dinner. when I eat dinner I want to finish it, not for me, but for my mum. But I get halfway through and feel awful sick and have to leave and lay down for a while. 

At school no one would notice that I didn't eat. But now I have one special person who notices, he always asks if I have food and if I do he tells me to eat it. But it's hard, I dont want to eat but I don't want to see someone worry about me because I'm not eating. 

I even just see some food and feel sick. 

The End

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