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A little drama in your life can be okay, I'm fact it can make things interesting but some drama is just plane unwanted. 

Rumours are stupid, I had sex with a guy, i sexted some other guy when I was in a relationship and I had sex with another guy in Europe while on a school trip. They are all stupid rumours I've had people spread about me.

I can roll my eyes and say "whatever" to it all and at first I did. But it really gets to you, it really tears you down. At one point I didn't want to show my face to my friends ever again. I was afraid of looking in their eyes and knowing that they thought I was a dirty, naughty slut. I didn't really want to face the problem I just wanted to run away from it. 

And for a little while i did run away from it and because I ran it resulted in my friends thinking I didn't care about them. I cared about them, I cared what they thought. But I made myself look even worse by just trying to run. But you can't run from that kind of stuff, most of the time it comes to you. 

At one stage I had someone give a guy my phone number without my knowing and that guy came to me asking and expecting sexual things. Out of everything that happen what tore me down the most.

But it's okay now. I don't know what other rumours are out about me and i don't know which rumours are cleared up and which aren't. But im so over it that I think I just don't care anymore. I have new boyfriend who I love dearly and we are happy together. I'm not going to let anything ruin that happiness for us. 

The End

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