The Answers

Day 1


“Wh-Excuse me!” The statement itself sounded as if Hitler wanted to turn into a monk because apparently torturing was disgusting to him and that means impossible!

I mean waging war against Gods and Death by soul? Can ghosts dream? Because it definitely felt that I was dreaming this ridiculous conversation.

Yashodha looked grave “Yes Shikha.”

I laughed “You are not serious, are you? I mean Gods?”

“I, by all means, am serious dear.”

I looked at the ghost lady, searching for any signs of madness. Maybe she died in a mental asylum, banging her head against the walls. But she seemed honest with whatever crap she was saying.

“H-how is that even possible? We are merely spirits sent down to the earth, to complete our tasks!” I cried “Our Gods and Death, they are our superiors, I mean superior superior!”

Yashodha cocked her head at one side “Death was never our superior. We are souls, we can’t ever be killed or destroyed. We are immortal. Death was only a medium to erase our human bodies. How can it be ‘our’ superior?”

I knew Yashodha was losing her ghostly marbles.

 “And Gods?” I asked in a challenging tone.

She smiled sourly “Sweetheart Gods created this whole universe, not just our puny world. They have to manage the whole as in total universe, with billions and trillions of galaxies.”

“Your point?” I asked.

“My point is, Death cannot touch us now or reach us without our permission. It may say that it will take us after whatever many days it wants. But in reality, it is just a bluff to make us come with it without any objection.” She said with a hint of smugness in her voice as if this information settled everything.

“And as for Gods, well they are too busy with their own problems. They don’t have spare time to back up Death right now.’

My jaw dropped “’Gods’ are having problems..”

I did not know if I was shocked or well shocked.

She nodded “Yes as usual. We spirits hear about them, now and then. You can say via leaked news.”

Moments ago I was in a depression like state. Now that was long forgotten. But then an obvious question came up in my mind.

“But I am a Hindu, or rather a Hindu ghost. And there are dozens of religions existing in this world, having their own Gods. So which religion’s Gods do really exist and well….are having problems?”

  Yashodha cracked an amused smile “Yes the big question. Who is the real God? Yes, every religion’s Gods do exist and yes every religion has its own heaven and hell, swarg and narak as we call them. But all the Gods work together, you can say in collaboration. The major ones are all powerful. And thankfully they are ones fighting. The minors, they do not pose much of a problem.”

My head was literally spinning but that could be due the wind blowing around me.  Damn it was a lot to take in!

“But why battle against Gods and Death? What are we ever going to gain out of it?”

Yashodha seemed impressed by my question “Now that was the question I was waiting for. To live darling. Why do we get to die when there many insignificant creatures that are tainting the earth by their mere existence? Death says we are ghost because some work was left incomplete for us, but is that the truth?” she looked pained.

“The thing is we were never meant to die. But because of some bloody natural order, we were forced to. Now tell me how is that fair?”

And for once I agreed with her. I was the only child of my parents. They had so many dreams for me. I had so many dreams for me. And then I was killed in a road accident. Yes, how was that fair?

And yet some part of me still hesitated to wholly agree with her.

“I need some time to think.”

She nodded “Take as much time as you want. In the end it is your decision to fight that matters.”

I smiled for the first time, tremendously gratified.

“And now sweetheart, time for a little present from me” Yashodha said.

“Present?” I asked, skeptic.

“Yes! I cannot leave you at this horrendous place, can I now?” She said kindly “And so I am going to take you to your house, thus freeing you from your Death’s spot.”

My eyes went wide “You can do that?”

 She laughed “Absolutely. You see only certain spirits can perform this task.”


“Yes, the spirits who have been spirits longer then they were human.” She said.

I sucked in a shocked breath “How old are you?”

She winked at me “Only hundred and seventeen and still counting.”

Saying this, she took my hands “Now remember your house and its surroundings. Once we start to teleport, our thoughts will merge together and I would be able to take you there. So are you ready?”

I did not know for sure. My parents’ tears would shatter me and yet it was an utmost important part of my plan of avenging my death. I closed my eyes and thought about the most beautiful place on the earth.

“Yes please.”

The End

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