Cryptic WarningsMature

Gene turned away from Pete and rolled his eyes. Now for the big finale…

He turned back and said:

“Oh, Pete, beware of a warm spring, when butterflies take space aliens for granted. A line of fire will engulf your dreams-”

“Yeah, I know that bit,” interrupted Pete indignantly.

Gene glared at Pete.

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m being cryptic, okay! I have The Rock Legend Privilege not to be interrupted by random nobodies like you.” He cleared his throat and carried on. “Fire will engulf the sky as your dreams fall like (rock) stars. Do not eat from the white rabbit’s table, and remember last summer when tubas ruled the opposite dimension… Ahem, that is all.”

With that, Gene Simmons disappeared, and Pete stood around scratching his head.

Gene Simmons then reappeared and folded his arms. He was about half a head taller than Pete, and Gene liked this as he was able to look down on the average man.

“Are there any questions before I do my solo?”

Pete replied…

The End

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