Blue Ice, Ice BabyMature

Pete is still reeling when two, identically- and ridiculously- dressed figures jump out of that bush, their hair catching but holding due to the great amounts of hair-product wedged in there. It’s the Irish ‘singers’ Jedward, and the twins jump (literally!) at the chance to perform for a dazed Pete.

“It’s ice, ice baby.”

“Blue ice!”

Pete has no idea what song they are singing, for it sounds like an amalgamation of many. Jedward are so terribly out of tune that they could turn anything into gobbledegook.

Plus, they are alternating lines, which doesn’t help but confuse Pete. He waits as patiently as he can until they have finished, hoping that they will go away, or trying himself to find some other solution.

Pete blinks, begging to himself that he is simply hallucinating. However, Jedward are determined that they are no hallucination. They turn to Pete, big grins splitting their faces and…

The End

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