The Plan

“How was your DT?” My friend Realda asked on the way home from school. I’d taken it today at lunch and having never had one before, she was curious to find out what it was like. 

“Dull, but ok. Course, I got the whole ‘that was very silly and we are very disappointed in you, blah, blah, blah’ speech." I told her. She laughed, before saying, 

“It was kinda funny to watch, though. I mean, I just came round the corner to see Jamie get knocked in the face by a pink lunch-bag and fall in the bin. He’s seemed pretty nervous around you since.” 

“Serves him right for being such a.......a........argh! I can’t find a good enough word!” I groaned.

“What?! YOU cannot find the right word?! Wow, what did they do to you in that DT?” She exclaimed in fake-shock, pretending to examine me. My friends seem to have it in their heads that I have a limitless vocabulary, but really I don’t. So, I decided to change the subject.

“What do you think of Miss Little?” I asked. She seemed to forget her previous outburst and said,

“Hmm...she DEFINITELY needs to eat more-"

“No,” I cut her off, “I mean, do you think she could be some kind of alien life form?” Realda blinked.

“What has Izzy been filling your head with?” She asked, deadly serious.

“Nothing! Look, let me explain...”. I told her about the stair incident, pointed out the strangeness of our Science lesson and described how she was so different from the average human woman. Realda’s eyebrows scrunched together in thought.

“Hmm, you do have a point, I guess. So what are we going to do about it?”. Good question. What where we going to do? Then, a thought hit me like a rock.

“We could take a sample of her green goo and examine it!"

“And how do you propose we’ll go about doing that?” 

“Easy: one of us distracts her, another one takes a quick sample on a cotton bud or something and we analyse it."

“Sounds great and all, but how do we analyse it?"

“We could ask Mr Hare if we could analyse some special substance that we found."

“Ok, but do you really think he’ll buy it?” 

“Well, he believed that Ivy was called Ashley for the first 3 lessons, so we have a good chance.” I pointed out.

“Ok, I’m in. I just hope you’re right!” To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure. But it was worth a shot. Who knows? Maybe we’ll make the scientific breakthrough of the century. Maybe, just maybe, our Science teacher is an alien...

The End

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